Saint Philomena 16"

Saint Philomena 16"

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Saint Philomena is an alleged 4th century saint and martyr of the Roman Catholic Church.

Her veneration began in the early 19th century as a result of an archaeological find; after news of the find spread, several miracles were credited to her intercession. Devotion to her was especially publicised by Saint Jean Vianney, who attributed some of his works of faith healing to her aid. In Chile, Venerable Andrs Garca Acosta alias "Fray Andresito " was extremely devoted to Philomena as well, after obtaining a beautiful portrait of hers.

In 1961, Philomena was dropped from the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar of saints, on the grounds that the archaeological finds were considered inadequate demonstration that such a martyr existed. Her melodramatic biography is an example of how legendary saints such as Saint Wilgefortis arose in Christia